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Wading Depth



5mm Steel Body-On-Frame

Approach/Departure Angle


Ground Clearance



Choose from 2 distinct body styles: Utility or Truck.

Utility Build

Utility Body with hard top

One TruckTwo Power Options

Choose a motor that meets your needs, be they off-highway traction or towing performance.

Built for the toughest enviroments, available in U, T & C configurations




85kWh LFP



DC Charge Speed


DC Charge Time






Top Speed


See further technical specifications


Billet Aluminium

Machined aluminium is harness through the vehicle, from fixtures to the axial flux motor. Lightweight and 100% recyclable.

Minimal Plastic

Plastics are used selectively, with a focus on recyclability where possible. Instead, metals are adopted for their robust nature and premium feel.

Recycled Materials

Recycled wool insulates the vehicle interior. We are exploring further options including recycled steel and aluminium in future.


Robust Exterior Lighting

Intense LED projector technology for superior field of vision. Quality components which are modular and easily replaceable.

1600l / 1050kg Cargo Capacity

A large cargo capacity means that all tools and equipment can be stored with ease.

A Full Shift

Work for up to 16 hours off-highway or around 200 miles on-road.

Safety Built In

Driver airbag, traction control and ABS are standard. A low centre of gravity and integrated roll-over structure ensure the protection of occupants off-road. Optional equipment includes falling object protection in the roof structure.

Adaptable & Configurable

Work with us to specify a vehicle for your application, or choose a base platform for third-part modification. No warranty penalty for reasonable adaptation.

Long Life

Series M vehicles are manufactured for an extended service life. The modular design makes maintenance and repair straightforward and economical. Munro plans to offer in-life refurbishment to its customers.

5mm Ladder Chassis

Modular frame comprised of 5mm steel with corrosion prevention inside and out. Designed for heavy-duty use cases and long service life.

Multi-Use Platform

With multiple body styles and configuration options, Munro vehicles are suitable for a wide range of applications, from forestry to first response. 

Permanent 4x4

All vehicles are permanent 4x4 for precise control across rough terrain and supreme traction on-road. A two-speed transfer case provides increased torque when required.

Quality Materials

Every vehicle is manufactured using quality components and materials. From billet aluminium to reducing the amount of plastic, these material choices improve the life of individual components and the vehicle as a whole.


Our vehicles deliver class-leading off-road performance and build quality, alongside a comfortable cabin and highly versatile design.

Simple to Operate

Quality Manufacturing

Premium Suppliers

Interior Comfort & Space

Unbeatable Off-Road Ability

Munro M170

Download Data Sheet


170kW Power

2,250kg Towing

200 Mile Range

30 Minute Charge Time (DC)

Munro M280

Download Data Sheet


280kW Power

3,500kg Towing

200 Mile Range

30 Minute Charge Time (DC)

Utility Build

Utility Body with hard top

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