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Capable. Adaptable. Electric.

A unique blend of the latest technology alongside time-proven 4x4 traction and performance. 


5mm Thick Steel Body-On-Frame

A 5mm steel frame with interior and exterior corrosion prevention for strength and longevity.

Modular Construction

Modular design promotes repairability and upgradability. Munro plans to support vehicles throughout their life cycle, with manufacture-approved service packages.

Multi-Use Platform

Our vehicles are designed with purpose. We recognise that adaptations may be necessary to get the most from your vehicle - no warranty penalty for reasonable modification.

Charge Fully to 100%

High Safety Rating

Low Cost of Production

Long Cycle Life

Environmentally Sustainable

No Nickel Or Cobalt

LFPBattery Packs

We chose to adopt a modular LFP architecture across the range based on the specific environments and requirements of our customers. Learn about the key benefits below.


280kW Motor


280kW Power

400V Voltage

700Nm Torque

375bhp Horsepower

3,500kg Towing

7,000kg Gross Train Weight

95mph Top Speed

6.0s 0-62mph

Permanent Magnet Axial Flux

170kW Motor


170kW Power

400V Voltage

600Nm Torque

228bhp Horsepower

2,250kg Towing

5,000kg Gross Train Weight

80mph Top Speed

9.2s 0-62mph

Permanent Magnet Axial Flux

Thermal Management

A powerful HV compressor conditions the powertrain, battery and cabin. Excess heat is harvested and recycled. The system ensures comfort and vehicle performance across a wide range of ambient conditions.

Sealed Wiring Harness

Systems Stack

Harness protection is key for our customers. A fully sealed and modular design ensures protection against dust and moisture, and minimises vehicle downtime through ease of repair.

Majority of vehicles systems are located on a tower under the front-end module. Lift the front end for easy access on three sides, or remove the stack for more involved repairs.


ABS, Stability Control & Airbag as Standard

Stay safe on the road with these critical safety features.

Roll-over Protection

With a low centre of gravity, excellent traction and integrated safety structure, each vehicle is protected against roll-over on inclines.

Excellent Visibility

A sloped bonnet line for clear visibility of the front of the truck and large flat windows for a wide visible range.


Munro M170

Download Data Sheet


170kW Power

2,250kg Towing

200 Mile Range

30 Minute Charge Time (DC)

Munro M280

Download Data Sheet


280kW Power

3,500kg Towing

200 Mile Range

30 Minute Charge Time (DC)

Length 4590mm

Wheelbase 3255mm

Approach Angle 84°

DepartureAngle 51°

Ramp (Break-Over) Angle 148°

Width 1812mm

Height 2010mm

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